Wear Parts

In addition to providing wear parts for our represented suppliers, we offer a comprehensive range of parts for major shredding and extrusion machinery.

Rolf Körner GmbH


Rolf Körner GmbH was founded in 1982 and is an experienced manufacturer of wire mesh cloths, filter discs and converted elements of wire cloths. Development and design, own tool construction, manufacture and distribution – all coming from the same source.

Product range:

  • Wire-cloth
  • Discs and screens
  • Filter belts
  • Filter elements
  • Filter baskets

Kinds of weaving:

  • Plain dutch weave
  • Twilled weave
  • Plain dutch weave
  • Twilled dutch weave
  • Reversed plain dutch (PZ) / Reversed twilled dutch (KPZ)

Discs and Screens

Filter Sieve Belts

Filters / Sieve Cylinders

Disc Cartridges / Filter Candles

Conical Strainers

Plated Elements

Wedge Wire Elements


Cutmetall GmbH


CUTMETALL - partner, problem solver, and process optimizer for the recycling and shredding industries

The CUTMETALL group is one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of industrial knives and wear parts for the recycling industry and break down applications.

Since 1996 we have been a competent and reliable partner when it comes to optimizing the quality and safety of cutting processes: through high-quality products, customer-oriented services and sound advice.

The extensive range includes shredder parts for numerous common shredder and cutter models from over 50 manufacturer brands.


We sell solutions!

We provide our customers with customized solutions for their area of application, with which you can optimize your entire recycling process and thus work more economically efficiently. We claim that our customers experience longer service lives, less downtime and thus enormous time savings thanks to the supplied CUTMETALL quality. In doing so, we place our focus on the entirety of the recycling process and at all times, in cooperation with our customers, we try to respond to prevailing circumstances, special requirements and needs and to deliver coordinated solutions and concepts.

We rely on our experience, our expertise and our know-how, which we can offer our customers directly and completely from our company. From development to testing and control to the production of all components - we guarantee everything from a single source.

We can supply

  • Knives – blades
  • Shredder cutters – concave knives
  • Counter knives – scrapers
  • Granulator rotor knives
  • Granulator stator knives
  • Rotor shear blades
  • Baling press knives
  • Pelletizing knives
  • Bolt-on cutting edges
  • Knife-holders
  • Clamping bars
  • Sealing rings – wear rings
  • Screen baskets
  • Screen plates
  • Screen cassettes – screen holders
  • Screen accessories
  • Cutmetall hybrid – Carbide knives
  • Transmission technologies
  • Fastening material


We can supply parts for all major shredding machinery, including precision components.

  • Lindner
  • Vecoplan
  • Eldan
  • Macpresse
  • Untha
  • Zerma
  • Doppstadt
  • HAAS
  • Vogelsang
  • And many more

3S GmbH


The company can supply screws, barrels and grooved barrels for every type of extruder.

3S, founded in 1991, is a production company with a focus on the manufacture of core parts for the extrusion industry (screws, cylinders, feed parts, etc.).

We can supply screws for extrusion and injection moulding with lengths of up to 6000 mm and a diameter of 300 mm (single or multi-part). We offer a wide range of designs for all extrusion applications.


  • Single screws
  • Twin-Screws
  • Barrels
  • Grooved barrels

Screw technologies

 Nitrided screws, screws with wear resistant armouring with ribs, with different armouring materials tailored to the specific barrel material. Screws for food processing, chemical engineering, ceramic extrusion, rubber extrusion and last but not least, screws made of special materials for highly specialised applications.

Barrel technologies

Barrels for single screw extruders

Available as nitrided or centrifugally cast bimetallic types, custom-designed, inside grooved or smooth, with various cooling systems.

Barrels for twin screw extruders

Conical and parallel twin screw barrels as well as barrel sections for compounding machines.


  • Wear inspection
  • Refurbishment/repair of screws

Private Company

Emmanouil Andronikou 48
62121 Serres, Greece

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