Machinery for waste recovery and alternative fuels production



Waste Shredding and Secondary Fuel Production for Waste-to-Energy

Waste is a valuable material. Whether commercial waste, bulky or household waste, production rejects, rejects and paper, municipal waste, wood residues and carpet materials: WEIMA ensures high-throughput waste shredding and an optimal result in the extraction of valuable secondary fuels (RDF/SRF).

Robustly designed pre-shredders and shredders are used worldwide as a stand-alone solution or as part of a multi-stage waste treatment plant. The output material from different material fractions is ideally suited for the production of high-calorific alternative fuels (RDF/SRF). These are in particularly high demand for the production of energy for the cement industry.

Find the right shredder for your needs:


input material
Material: Untreated waste

input material
Source: Industrial waste, MSW etc.

Twin-shaft pre-shredder

The WEIMA M8.28 shredder with twin-shaft technology is ideal for use as a pre-shredder. It is characterized by high throughput rates and shreds a wide variety of material streams for further processing, for example sorting or separation.

Single-shaft Pre-shredder

The PreCut single-shaft shredders (pre-shredders) are built to handle unsorted, highly contaminated waste streams. This machine is the ideal first step for a multi-stage waste processing system. After unsuitable material has been sorted out, the pre-shredded material can be further processed in optimum form. Ideal for multi-stage processing with high throughput. The PreCut ensures optimum preconditioning of the material for further processing steps such as sorting, classification and separation.

The mechanical-biological waste handling process is a standard method for residual waste. Burnable materials can be prepared in a way so that they can be used as energy. This machine is the first step in an operation with a variety of materials to process. After the foreign materials (such as stones and metal) have been sorted out, only what remains will enter the hopper, and the first step in the size reduction process can begin! (such as stones and metal) have been sorted out, only what remains will enter the hopper, and the first step in the size reduction process can begin!

Secondary Shredder / Fine Shredder

input material
Material: Treated waste

input material
Source: Industrial waste, MSW etc.


PowerLine a flexible universal shredder capable of single-step shredding of treated waste.

The PowerLine takes on any form of waste, including dirty materials. It is ideal as a secondary shredder in multi-stage systems: after sorting the material out that is not ideal for the production of RDF, the valuable material remains and is ready for further size reduction. This machine comes equipped with a hydraulic drive, a direct drive, or a power belt drive.


FineCut is a fast rotating (grinder type) fine shredder for high outputs, even with lightweight materials.

Sometimes small things come from large machines! The smaller the particle size, the higher the resale value. The FineCut is the ideal secondary shredder for multi-stage systems. Due to its higher rotor speeds, this machine is capable of high throughput. The fine particle size of the shredded material is ideal for the creation of high-quality RDF.

Riko Ekos D.O.O.


From pioneer to global market leader. Long-term success for more than 35 years.

Riko Ekos d.o.o. was founded in 1993. Today the company employs about 50 people on average, who with their knowledge, work and experiences primarily take care of quality production of systems for complete waste management solutions, whether for separately collected fractions, municipal waste or industrial waste.

Horizontal Balers

Horizontal automated balers - perfect solution for baling larger quantity of waste materials!

Horizontal automated balers are intended for baling larger quantities of waste material. We can make applications for all types of materials. Depending on your demands and the type of material used we can dimension the baler accordingly, which means that it is made according to your specific needs and requirements.

Balers with Pre-Pressing Flap

This system allows baling of all materials except larger pieces of metal and wood.

Advantages of using balers with a pre-pressing system:

  • Lower maintenance costs (these presses are not equipped with knives for material cutting).
  • Optimal compression, quality and weight of bales and thus also optimization of logistics and transport costs.

Balers with a cutting system / Shear type

This system is used mainly for baling cardboard, paper, foil and PET plastic bottles.

Transport Systems

We produce conveyor belts in widths from 800 to 2200 mm. The belt length and the construction can be adapted to your production process.

Conveyor systems

We can supply:       

  • Steel slat conveyor systems
  • Rubber chain conveyor systems
  • Rubber conveyor systems (flat or V type)
  • Sorting conveyor systems
  • Sliding PVC conveyor systems
  • Conveyor systems with storage containers
  • Chain elevators

Complete systems for waste treatment

Riko Ekos is a specialist in the field of sorting systems for mixed municipal waste, therefore we can prepare you an optimal solution for your problem. First of all, we thoroughly discuss with you and study your needs and/or your requirements. Therefore, you have to provide us with the following information:

  • what is your input material;
  • what quality of output material do you want to have.

Based on the information obtained we create a conceptual design and prepare an offer that contains a solution that was created for you according to your demands. In the context of industrial waste sorting, we offer you the following services:

  • line designing,
  • construction,
  • supply of equipment,
  • control system implementation,
  • users training.

Waste sorting lines for plastics, industrial or MSW

Are you:

  • looking for a reliable partner who will provide you with a complete solution for sorting?
  • thinking, that you would like to start sorting your waste?

If yes, then we can offer you solutions.

Complete systems for the production of alternative RDF and SRF fuels

Achieving of added value with RDF and SRF system

RDF system falls within the scope of mechanical processing of mixed municipal waste. The goal of mechanical processing of mixed municipal waste is the production of alternative fuel which is used as a raw material or a substitute for conventional fossil fuels. RDF fuel is used in heating plants, cement plants and other thermal waste processing facilities and is today a substitute for conventional fossil fuels (coal, gas, heating oil).

SRF system falls within the scope of mechanical processing of industrial waste. The goal of mechanical processing of industrial waste is the production of SRF fuel, which is used as a raw material or a substitute for conventional fossil fuels. SRF fuel is used in heating plants, cement plants and other thermal waste processing facilities.

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