Experts in complete recycling solutions

Who we are

We combine over 30 years of experience in supplying Resource Recovery and Recycling technologies to the Greek and Cypriot Markets.

The company was established in 1995 by Savvas Athanasiadis as a privately owned company, with a visionary understanding of the potential of plastics recycling. In 2019, Konstantinos Athanasiadis assumed leadership and currently holds the ownership of the newly established company S. & Κ. Athanasiadis. Since its inception, the company has experienced steady growth and has emerged as a key technology solution provider to the Recycling, Packaging, and Waste Industries.

Focusing on reliable and well proven Circular Economy Machinery, we offer custom tailored solutions from simple shredding of wood, right through to fully automated recycling plants to recycle materials into high grade food contact approved products.

Our technologies close the loop for many applications such as plastics, paper, wood, metals, organics, mixed wastes, Industrial wastes etc.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Washing of post consumer plastics and extrusion technologies.
  • Complete sorting and SRF/RDF plants.
  • Size reduction technologies for plastics, paper, and mixed solid waste.
  • Filtration metal screens for extruders.
  • Cutting tools and wear parts for shredding equipment.

What we do

Our technology partners and suppliers are world market leaders in their respective fields and through strategic synergies in S & Κ Athanasiadis’ portfolio on offer, we can supply end-to-end solutions, truly closing the loop for the Circular Economy.

With the support of our esteemed partner companies, we are dedicated to assisting our valued customers in the following areas:

  • Plant process design: Our team of experts excels in designing cutting-edge and efficient recycling processes, customized to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

  • Equipment scoping and selection: We offer invaluable assistance in identifying and selecting the most suitable equipment for recycling operations, ensuring optimal performance and productivity.

  • Consulting on recycling projects: Drawing upon our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we provide valuable insights and guidance throughout various recycling projects, empowering our customers to achieve their goals.

  • After sales support: For every new major machinery installation, we provide prompt after sales support to local service staff, throughout the machine's complete lifecycle.

We offer our customers fast and reliable responses to all service inquiries.

For all new major machinery installations, we train local service staff to allow prompt back up support during warranty and for the complete Lifecyle of any machine.


Discover our cutting-edge, high-tech solutions that turn waste into profit and help you minimize your environmental footprint.

Be informed about the wide range of options available that perfectly align with your specific needs and requirements.

Private Company

Emmanouil Andronikou 48
62121 Serres, Greece

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